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I offer a wide variety of talks, suitable for a variety of organisations, not solely photographic and camera clubs.

The talks are based on my travel experiences and currently include:

  •    Foothills of the Himalayas

  •    Amritsa and the Wagah border

  •    Shimla and the narrow gauge railway 

  •    Galapagos Islands 

  •    India and Tigers 

  •    Peru 

  •    St Kilda and the Outer Hebrides 

  •    Shetland and Orkney Islands 

  •    The Road to Mandalay

  •    The Arctic

  •    Northern Chile

  •    Easter Island

 I also provide informative talks using my portfolio of wildlife images taken both within the UK and in foreign climes, as well as talks on how to improve your photography. These can be general talks or tailored to your specific requirements.

Talks are usually of 45 minutes duration, but this can be adjusted to align with expectations.

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