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I am based in Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire and I have been taking photographs since my childhood. School outings, holidays, etc, any excuse to pick up a camera and so my love and enjoyment of photography began. 

My photography started getting more serious once my travelling started to get more adventurous and then widened to include anything and everything.

After 32 years in the IT industry I took voluntary redundancy in 2009. The end of my working life, or so I thought, with a peaceful future ahead of me. I have discovered that so called 'retirement' is actually busier than full time work.


I am always out with the camera either for my own personal enjoyment or taking images for various organisations. The variety is endless and I am always prepared to try something different. Opportunities to learn are always presenting themselves and make life more interesting. 

As well as taking images for myself and the pure enjoyment of that, extra variety also comes in the form of craft fairs, after school clubs and talks/lectures to various organisations. I am also a member of a local photographic society.


Basically I love taking photographs of anything and everything. Hopefully this will continue for many years to come.

I hope you enjoy my work and visit my website again.

Kind Regards,


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